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The Tribes of Orissa

14 nights 15 days in India
  • Visit different primitive tribal villages.
  • Explore the weekly markets of the different tribes of Orissa.
  • Meet the Bonda, the rarest of all tribes.
  • Your guide will be knowledgeable and sensitive to the occasionally shy tribes and will speak most of their unique languages.
  • Visit the famous Konarak temple of Puri and some of the temples in Bhubaneshwar.
  • Spend two days on a beach.

Season: September through to March. Best Season: October to December.

Tour Type: Tribal. Accommodation: Basic in tribal part, 3* and above in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar and Puri. Transportation: Air conditioned vehicle with knowledgeable driver. Guide: A knowledgeable and respectful guide accustomed to the different tribal cultures, languages and customs.

Note: As this tour is based in the tribal region, itinerary may alter depending on market days. This tour is not suitable for people visiting India for the first time.

Itinerary: D1. Arrive at Calcutta or Delhi D2. Bhubaneswar D3. Baliguda D4. Rayagada D5. Jeypour D6. Bonda village - Jeypour
D7. Jeypour - Koraput - Kunduli - Jeypour D8. Jeypour - Gupteswar - Ramgiri - Jeypour D9. Rayagyde via Janiguda - Laxmipur
D10. Gopalpur D11. Bhubaneswar D12. Bhubaneswar D13. Puri via Konark D14. Puri D15. Puri - Calcutta/Delhi transfer D16. Fly out

Orissa is one of the Eastern coastal states in India and is known as the 'tribal state'. Almost one quarter of Orissa's population consists of 62 different tribal communities, many of which remain largely untouched by modernity. Many firmly maintain their cultures despite the government's best efforts to change them. Some of the tribes you will meet are called the Bonda, Gadaba, Dhuruwa, Paraja, Dongria Kondh and Kutia Kondh. Many of these people are seen at the colourful Bonda Market.

To visit this region successfully, you need a knowledgeable guide to introduce you sensitively to these people's environment. Many of the tribes people have never seen tourists before, and are often very shy. Each tribe speaks a different language. Your guide know and speak most of these languages and therefore be able to establish a relationship between you and them. The villages and hamlets of each tribe are unique in their own way, all are fascinating. Your accommodation will be basic, clean and tidy, in fitting with your environment. The scenery is stunning, and the relationship between the colourful people and their land will literally make you feel as though you have been bought back in time.

You will also spend two days on a beach, relaxing on a tropical coast. Conclude your tour with a visit to Puri and Bhubaneswar where you will see some of India's most marvelous Hindu temples. For Instance, the 13th Century Sirya temple, the Sun God temple of Konarak and the 2BCE Jain cave temples of Udayagiri and Khandagiri are all testament to this region's devotion to tradition.

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